Food Bank volunteers ready to distribute food to clients.
Volunteers dedicating time to sort food.
The Spokane Valley Partners Campus is open to help all in need.

Who We Are

Spokane Valley Partners is a non-profit organization serving economically-disadvantaged residents who live east of Spokane City limits out to the Idaho border. For nearly 25 years, Spokane Valley Partners has been assisting families by providing food, clothing, emergency services, information and education in achieving long-term self-reliance. Through Spokane Valley Partners, Greater Spokane Valley residents have access to comprehensive social and emergency services. We incur less than 8 percent administrative and fundraising costs annually. This means that, of every dollar raised, more than 92 percent goes toward programs and services for our clients.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for those in need by advocating self-reliance through partnerships and education while providing basic life necessities.