Food Bank volunteers ready to distribute food to clients.
Volunteers dedicating time to sort food.
The Spokane Valley Partners Campus is open to help all in need.

Who We Are

Spokane Valley Partners is a nonprofit organization and the sole provider of comprehensive social services in the Greater Spokane Valley, encompassing everything east of the Spokane City limits to the Idaho border.

Spokane Valley Partners serves low-income individuals and families, and those undergoing hardships such as illness, job loss, or death of a family member, disabilities and other life-altering events. Spokane Valley Partners provides food, clothing, emergency services, information, education, and assistance in achieving long-term self-reliance. We also help clients access other services available to them in our community.

What's New?

Join Spokane Valley Partners inĀ 17th Annual Feinstein Foundation Spring Campaign to Fight Hunger. For the past 16 years, Alan Shawn Feinstein has been giving away $1 million each year to anti-hunger agencies through the Feinstein Challenge, and he’s doing it again this year. In March and April, Spokane Valley Partners will feed nearly 6,000 hungry […]